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Jeremy Schaaf

Jeremy grew up in the outdoors fishing and chasing small game in the sandhills of Nebraska with his father. Weekends at his grandparent’s farm provided the love affair for the great outdoors. After moving to Southeast NE at still a young age, there were a handful of years where the outdoors were missing. As a young adult, Jeremy was able to reestablish his passions for hunting and they remain strong to this day. Over the years, bowhunting has become known as his higher power. A strong outlet that has kept him on a positive path in life. Recent years have provided Jeremy with a new outlet, that being his two young children. He strives at offering them opportunity to enjoy the outdoors lifestyle
along with him and they both are hooked. Jeremy makes his living in the construction industry running his own business, Cottonwood Renovations in the Yankton, South Dakota area. Several years ago, while looking to get more involved with the hunting industry, he found the owner of RAKS Big Game Supplements through social media. The products made sense to him, but more importantly, the foundation from which the company was built
really connected with him. While starting out in outside sales for RAKS, Jeremy is now more of a behind the scenes confidant to the owner as well as the Tech Lead helping to produce YouTube content. Jeremy also has an outdoor business for his new ventures in making wood projects that relate to the hunting community. From shed antler displays to cutting boards and anything in between, you are sure to find something you like with Hunt On!

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