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Jon Emme – Field Staff

Jon Emme grew up in Atkinson, Nebraska and was brought into hunting and fishing at a very early age with his brother.  His Grandpa took him everywhere and taught him everything he knew.

Jon now lives in Chambers, Nebraska with his wife Sarah and their four children: Owen, Whitley, Rodney, and Jonathan. He enjoys spending his days teaching his kids how to shoot and hunt and everything outdoors. Jon is a veteran of the Army National Guard and proudly serves on the O’Neill and Chambers Volunteer Fire Departments.


Last year, Jon bought his first bow and hasn’t looked back since. He loves the challenge and how much more he gets to be a part of the wildlife. Jon Emme is very excited about joining and promoting RAKS™ Big Game Supplements!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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