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Will T Tenpenny – Field Staff

Will T Tenpenny was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and yes country music is in his blood!  Both of his parents hunt and so from a young age Will has spent time in the woods.  His dad used to spray paint his diapers so they wouldn’t flare the doves and ducks while they hunted.  Will, his dad and brother have been deer and duck hunting together for over 25 years now.

Hunting is Life

He still remembers the amazing feeling of getting out of school for opening juvenile deer season.  The drive to the family farm and camping out in a house built in 1915.  Will hunted hard for 4 years before he killed his first doe.  He remembers shooting and seeing her fall down and he about jumped out of the stand!  The rest of the year he walked around school like a big man on campus.  Every year they said they needed to get the trifecta of the 3 “D’s”; deer, duck, and doves.  If Will could get all three he felt like his year was complete.  His uncle took him turkey hunting when he was twelve and then Will realized there was more than just the 3 D’s!

From his first hunt the passion began.  Now it is in his blood and each year it grows.  Sunrises and sunsets are the most beautiful things you can witness.  Will loves seeing how many he can view in a year from a deer stand.  A few years ago he realized that the harvest was not his passion.  The entire experience was; planting food plots, trail cameras, hanging stands, brushing blinds, and the campfire conversations at camp was his passion.

Searching for the Best

Will began saving money so he could purchase hunting gear.  He always searched for the best in everything.  From Browning rifles, to Benelli shotguns.  Will realized he didn’t need a lot of gear but just the best.  This is how he stumbled upon RAKS™ Big Game supplements.  He loves growing old, mature deer!  Will mostly hunts in Tennessee but travels to Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas to chase his dreams!

Will is married to his best friend Kayla and they have a son, Oliver. He owns his own financial advising office and travels the world helping people find ways to afford their dreams! God, family, hunting, and finances define his life. One must always have a positive attitude and smile in every situation! Will works 80 hours a week so he can chase his dreams and passions!

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